Pro Crushologists share your stories of awkward pre-teen passion for the heartthrobs of yore. Email your stories to be included!  #keeponcrushin'


"When George Michael passed away, I was like 'Now we'll NEVER get married!' Nevermind my 20+ marriage to my wonderful HB or our 4 kids, or even the fact that he was gay -- it would JUST. NEVER. HAPPEN."

~ @1schmartzmama



 What is a crush story? It's like when you wrote "Donny Osmond" on your album cover and told your friends it was autographed. Or how you taped tracing paper to the cover of 'Working Class Dog' so you could sketch a perfect Rick Springfield. Or how your grandma was super judgey about Andy Gibb's chest hair. Or how your mom drew arrows to the 4 and the 12 on your watch so you'd know when to come in for The Monkees.

My Celebrity Crush Story is about YOU! Send your funny, fabulous stories of awkward pre-teen passion to the email below or via the contact form. For more information, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon!

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Meet Your Pro Crushologists!

Hello! We are Kristin and Colleen and we tell stories about crushes. The first ones. When you were just a kid and you didn't know that marrying a famous person you had never even met was .... hmmm ... unlikely? We celebrate the intersection of naïve fantasies, adorkable school photos, and irresistible pop stars (likely with floppy hair and perfect teeth) -- because that's where we were living in our Gen X youth, left alone after school with our Tiger Beat mags, our record pla



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